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Please contact our office IMMEDIATELY with updated contact information if you change your phone number or email address. We must always be able to communicate with you
- Adding a new resident: Before a new person moves into the property, you must add them to the lease. If they are 18 or older, they must complete an application, pay an application fee and obtain written approval from a property manager. Please remember that all residents must be named on the lease for your protection and ours.
- Roommate moving out: If you have a roommate whose name is on the lease and who plans to move out, a 30-day notice to vacate form must be submitted to our office. If they are moving out during the term of a lease, he/she will be legally responsible until that term expires. A roommate moving out is not entitled to any part of the security deposit from the Landlord until the lease period expires, and the security deposit is turned to all those on the lease
If a resident becomes 18 years old while living in the house, please notify the office. We will do a background check and put them on the lease as leaseholders. Note that this could be a great way to build credit, as all on-time rent payments are positively reported to a credit reporting bureau, and this will be used to determine a credit score for each leaseholder.
  • Fire. Call 911 
  • Flood. Shut the water off at the source or the main shut-off, and submit a work 
  • order or call our office. 
  • Gas Odor. If you know the location, turn off the gas, call 911 and submit a work order when safe.
  • Electrical issues. Shut off the main breaker in the breaker box and call 911 if 
  • there is an emergency. Submit a work order when safe.
  • Plumbing stoppage. Stop using the fixture and submit a work order. 

With any of the following, please submit a work order through the resident portal, and we will treat your work order as a routine maintenance order.

The safety of you and your family is important to us. Safety Tips to Follow:

  • Window screens are not a safety device. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED NEAR OPEN WINDOWS.
  • Unplug all heat-producing appliances like toasters, irons, and coffee makers when not in use to prevent fire hazards.
  • Never leave heating pads or electric blankets on indefinitely; turn them off when you leave the residence to prevent fire hazards.
  • Never leave the stove or oven on if you are not in the room. Never leave the house with these appliances on. NEVER. It is an apparent fire hazard.
  • Never leave the water running unattended in a plugged bathtub or when leaving the residence. If you have an upstairs bathroom and you see water marks on the ceiling below or water accumulating in a light fixture below, report the leak immediately as an emergency through the resident portal.
  • Do not operate electrical appliances while standing or sitting in water.
  • If you have small children, use child protector plugs when not using outlets.
  • Do not overload extension cords with too many appliances.
  • Place lamps on level surfaces and use the correct wattage.
  • Avoid running extension cords over walkways, under rugs, or any other place that could cause tripping.
  • If you suspect an electrical problem, report it to our office immediately.
  • Do not remove smoke alarms, particularly if they are beeping. Smoke alarms are for safety; removing them can endanger all residents and guests. Change the batteries at least twice a year.
  • Do not allow children to leave toys on walkways and sidewalks.
  • Replace outside light bulbs so you can utilize lights properly when it is dark.
  • Report any exposed tree roots to our office. 29
  • Keep a portable fire extinguisher in the kitchen and the garage, available in hardware supply stores.
  • If you use a grill or BBQ, use common sense & never leave grills unattended. Do not set grills up against or within 4-6 feet of the house. You could set the house on fire.
  • If you have a fireplace, it is intended to be decorative only. We do not use service fireplaces and cannot be responsible for them. If you have it serviced and it is determined to be in working order, you are responsible for the consequences. Be sure to store hot ashes and coals away from the residence. Do not place ashes in garbage receptacles.
  • Fireplaces are hazardous when not used properly, and we cannot account for user error. Accordingly, we do not represent that they are ever in working order. Please do NOT use the fireplace

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